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How can installing controls help you and your customers?

The sale and installation of wireless heating controls can be highly profitable for you and save money for your customers. With new wireless controls and retrofit thinking, it's easy and you can do it.

Increase your earnings, no electrician required*

Wireless and retrofit products make fitting controls in a home very easy. They can be fitted by the heating installer and do not require an electrician.

  • Increase your earnings by installing more heating controls.
  • Understand the benefits to your customers.
  • Look good with your customers by reducing their energy bills.
  • Increase referral business from satisfied customers.

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*All products are wireless enabled with the exception of the receiver which must be hard wired to the boiler.

Benefits to your customers

You can add huge value for your customers and benefit from an increase in your earnings.

  • Offer them flexibility that provides total control over their heating and hot water, reducing their energy bills.
  • Demonstrate rapid return for the customer on their investment, based on cost to install vs energy saved.
  • Assure them that modern heating controls will save them money without loss of comfort.
  • Reassure your customers that by opting for wireless alternatives or retro-fitting modern heating controls will avoid disruption to the fabric of the property.

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Reduced consumption means reduced bills

Use our calculator to calculate how much energy your customers could save through the installation of heating controls.

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