Wireless heating controls installation guide

Wireless and retrofit products make fitting controls in a home very easy. As the installer, you should see this as an opportunity. You will add huge value for your customers and benefit from an increase in your earnings.


Wireless technology enables a variety of control devices to communicate with each other and the boiler using radio frequencies (RF). An “RF stat” is another term for a wireless thermostat.

The use of wireless heating controls removes the need for wiring and hence, no mess, no disturbance to furnishings - and a fast solution.

Wireless controls can be fitted by the heating installer and do not require an electrician.

Why Wireless?

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Living Eco - installation

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19 million homes in the UK have outdated controls which do not control heat as effectively as modern controls. In most cases, these will be fully wired products.

The heating installer, with the aid of a compatibility chart, can see quickly whether the existing control can be replaced by a modern alternative. By removing the front of the control a new device can be attached to the existing wiring and backplate.

This process does not interfere with the wiring behind the scenes, and as such, can be undertaken by an installer WITHOUT the need to conform to Part P of The Building Regulations.

Upgrading your Heating Controls

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Heating system considerations

By considering these three keywords you'll ensure you always get the best solution for your customer.

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WHEN is heating or hot water required?


WHAT is the temperature of the heating or hot water required?


WHERE is the heat required?

Commisioning a wireless control setup

Commissioning a Wireless Room Thermostat

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PART L changes

Learn how to comply with the PART L changes for heating installers

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Selling the benefits to your customer

So we've convinced you that it's a good idea but can you sell it to your customers?

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