Benefits to your customer

Modern heating controls are one of the best ways of saving money on heating bills and making sure your customer has the best controls couldn't be easier.

Questions and answers

Be prepared, we've compiled this list of commonly asked customer questions so you always have the answer.

Why install new heating controls?

Heating and hot water account for over 84% of the homeowner's energy bill. The installation of modern heating controls will optimise the boiler operation and reduce energy use. Fuel prices are continuing to rise so reduction of heat wastage and fine tuning of heat use will reduce energy bills. Old mechanical controls are far less efficient than new ones, so an upgrade to new will pay for itself within a year.

Why do you need a room thermostat?

The simplest upgrade to a heating system is to add a room thermostat where one is not fitted. This upgrade will have the biggest effect on a system, making significant savings to heating bills. Without a room thermostat, the boiler won't know when the room is at a comfortable temperature and will continue to run. The thermostat sends a signal to the boiler to switch off once the desired temperature is reached.

Will Wireless controls disrupt the décor in the house?

No. The great thing about wireless is that there is no need to run wires anywhere. The only wire is from the receiver to the boiler which the installer can do without the need for Part P certification.

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